Sealed provides a low-tech energy efficiency solution for residential home markets - enabled by emphasizing comfort, savings, and financing as value propositions.

Sealed partners with local utilities who find those homeowners who are most likely to opt for an audit and an upgrade. Following the installation of quick, unobtrusive improvements such as efficient lighting, insulation, air sealing and boiler upgrades, Sealed replaces homeowners’ utility bills with a single Sealed Energy Bill. The installation is financed by Sealed. As the homeowners pay over time, the financing is repaid, the utility is compensated for participating in an energy efficiency improvement and the homeowner still reaps savings. Everybody wins.

This past May, Sealed was selected to create a $7.5 Million Energy Savings Fund with NY Green Bank, creating a new asset class that invests in energy savings resulting from residential efficiency improvements. Sealed guarantees these savings to customers by leveraging its proprietary, machine learning software and analytics. "Sealed is an excellent example of the type of innovative business model that has emerged - and will continue to emerge - as the principles of REV begin to impact the market," said NY Green Bank President, Alfred Griffin.

With the support of ACRE, Sealed has become a leader in home comfort by guaranteeing savings from home energy efficiency improvements, addressing an untapped $28 billion potential market. Sealed is well on its way to saving homeowners money every year, and hopes to catalyze residential carbon savings equivalent to 10 percent of US 2020 carbon goals while simultaneously creating a large number of good quality, local, green jobs. ACRE has been providing business support services that aid their growth: coaching, introductions to investors and partners and access to our community of like-minded founders.